Will Hologram Liberace Feel Like the Real Thing? #HappyHolograms

A Las Vegas show will feature the flamboyant entertainer in transparent splendor

Ready for your close-up?

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By Jessanne Collins

Death And Woe And Rodeo

Stephen Merritt's lyrics can break your heart and make you laugh -- all in under three minutes. A long time indie icon, …

By Robbie Imes

Left Coast: Martin of San Francisco

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By Out.com Editors

Ritz-in' it up for NYC Pride Weekend

By Noah Michelson

Lammy Whammy

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By Noah Michelson

Scissor Sister

No matter how adorable Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis looks in high-trousered pants, he's usually getting …

By Chris Azzopardi

Big Man On Campus

Gregory Michael started his career appearing in Disney theme park shows eight years ago before landing a part on As the …

By Bill Keith

Why Adam Lambert Won't Call Us Back

We realize that not everything is as see-it-from-space obvious as the fact that Adam Lambert is gay. …

By Noah Michelson

Saved by the Bell Cast Might Maybe Sorta Reunite. Ish.

Just yesterday, Noah and I were having a conversation (inspired by this incredible token of Saved by the Bell devotion) …

By Jessanne Collins

As The Gay World Turns

If daytime TV has your head tangled around who's mother is married to who's cousin's uncle's cousin, …

By Jessanne Collins

Adam Lambert likes the top bunk

[Scroll through to around 1:10 when US Magazine asks Kris and Adam who will get the top bunk on the American Idol tour …

By Noah Michelson

Tim Gunn, Superhero

Forget sad old weird Project Runway 2.0. Our hero Tim Gunn has a new starring role -- in the Marvel Comics series …

By Jessanne Collins