Diplo Opens Up About Working With Madonna: 'We Got Drunk'

...And five other things you need to know today.

When Divas Attack

Not since the immortal film King Kong vs. Godzilla has there been such a fierce battle of imposing creatures swatting …

By Michael Musto

Queer Fall Albums

Yo Majesty Futuristically Speaking'Never Be Afraid (October 7, Domino) Dropping salty rhymes, shameless sexuality, and …

By Jason Lamphier

Days of Summer

Monday, August 18: Weeds' season 4 is going strong.

By Bill Chenevert

Skin Job

How magical shaving seems as an adolescent, willing the light downy hairs on our cheeks to turn coarse and stubbly. How …

By Sam Pritchard

Nose Candy

Where should one apply fragrance? The most important, in descending order, are tops of your forearms (in moving them, …

By Chandler Burr

Teenage Love Affair

Shawn Stewart Ruff laughs when I congratulate him on Finlater, his first novel. 'More like my fifth,' he says. A …

By Emily Drabinski

Surf's Up: Classic or Craze?

Surfing [The first in a series of Out's real-life tests of gym bunny alternatives.] Difficulty level: 6 out of …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

A Little Camp

For a funnyman Steve Coogan is noticeably unamused by the suggestion that he tends to play camp men. 'It's bollocks,' he …

By Alastair McKay

Spain Is For Lovers

Whether or not one delighted in Woody Allen's early New York City masterpieces or his more recent London films, it's …

By Matthew Breen

Wedding Party

It's Friday, June 13, three days before California becomes the second state in the country to allow gay couples to …

By Tim Murphy

Days of Summer

Monday, August 11: The 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award winner, We Are Together: The Children of Agape Choir, …

By Bill Chenevert

Can I Be Blunt? Niecy Nash

1. There's nothing wrong with you being sassy, but we got to take turns with the neck-bobbin' and …

By Out.com Editors

America's Sweetheart, Reimagined

>The Nancy Book (Siglio Press, $39.50), now available in stores, collects nearly 50 works by gay artist Joe Brainard, …

By Noah Michelson

Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?

If you are a single gay man in search of a mate, and if you are at times prone to discouragement, you probably have …

By Michael Joseph Gross

Neil Patrick Harris: A Man's Man

Like his path or not, Neil Patrick Harris has charted it very carefully from child star to Broadway heavy hitter to …

By Bill Keith

Days of Summer

Monday, August 4: Nick, 15; Joe, soon to be 19; and Kevin, 20 are a rare breed of teen heartthrobs. Also known as the …

By Bill Chenevert