Hunger Games Producer: 'To Be Closeted In Hollywood Is Tantamount to Being a Wimp'

Nina Jacobson, the producer of Mockingjay, discusses being an out woman in Hollywood, being fired while her wife was ...

Ben & Jerry Celebrate Gay Marriage the Only Way They Know How

Nothing says "marriage equality" like "fudge covered peanut butter filled pretzels in vanilla ice cream …

By Jessanne Collins

The L Word Gets Real

If you always secretly thought that the only thing that would make The L Word better is if it were a little more like …

By Jessanne Collins

The 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums (of All Time)

To create our list of the 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums of All Time, we polled more than 100 actors, comedians, musicians, …

By Editors

Fame: Remember My Name

Blah Blah Blah Fame

By Noah Michelson

Return to Pine Bluff

High school reunions are a peculiar ritual. You expect to be nervous, to feel the weight of your age, to forget names -- …

By John Cloud

Madonna's Ready To Celebrate

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Jake Shears

"It all began happening when I moved to Berlin for three months. I thought, I need to go out, take a bunch of drugs …

By Noah Michelson

The Winner of Out's Lady Gaga Video Contest

Last week saw three finalists gunning for first place in our Lady Gaga Video Contest and at one time or another each …

By Noah Michelson

Behind the Shoot: Baby Daddies

By Editors

Project Runway: Baby On Bored

Photo: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009 You only thought you liked Rebecca Romijn before last …

By Noah Michelson

Pubic Policy

The pubic thatch has long been a victim of neglect, but untamed pubic hair deserves your attention. Happily, men have …

By Joshua David Stein

Fruity Sex Outrages Father

My grandfather, God bless his soul, used to complain that our society had become so filthy it was no longer safe for …

By Noah Michelson

Fox Developing 'Heathers' TV Series

The latest news in what's becoming a semi-regular Heathers remake ru …

By Jessanne Collins

GLAAD's Rooftop Party Brings Out The Stars

Photo: Jason Rodgers …

By Noah Michelson