Catey Shaw talks coming out, finding herself & the Brooklyn spirit

The ‘Brooklyn Girls’ singer talks coming out, finding herself, and Brooklyn spirit.

Face to Face: Robert Gonzalez

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Your Worst Nightmare...Mommy!

By Andrew Wailes

Gaga just called. She's on her way.

 Photo: Getty Images "Telephone" recently became Queen Gaga's sixth number one a row! …

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They May Wear Pink, But They’re No Ladies

Photo: BBC …

By Noah Michelson

Little Boots and Class Actress: A Double Class Act

Though it was a Tuesday night -- which is almost as bad as a Monday night -- Chelsea’s Highline Ballroom was in a party …

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Chatter: Marcia Cross Wants to Go Gay

E!'s Marc Malkin: Let's talk about the lesbian kissing.Marcia Cross: I'm a little jealous that I'm not …

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Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Train Journey

NEXT PAGE >> Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Train Journey 'Railway termini are our gates to the glorious and the …

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Chatter: Christopher Hitchens

"Every now and then...even though I was by then fixed on the pursuit of young women, a mild and mildly enjoyable …

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Lady Bunny: When Beauty Queens Turn Ugly

Photo: Aaron Cobbett …

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Doctor Who Gears Up for a New Season

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Model Citizen: Kevin

NEXT >> Photographed by Ryan Pfluger at Brooklyn Photo Studio …

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Need To Know: Class Actress

Not long ago Elizabeth Harper was happily embracing her solo career as a Lilith Fair-esque singer-songwriter. Then she …

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Yosi Sergant: Manifest Equality

First there was Manifest Hope, an art exhibition during the 2008 presidential campaign. Now get ready for Manifest …

By Dustin Fitzharris

The Glossy Indecency of The Olympic Games

Photo: Getty Images America, we need to talk.  Frankly, things are changing, and not for the better. But I should …

By Alex Wilburn