Sensory Perks of Gay Films The Way He Looks & Lilting

Two new films subtly celebrate love’s universal vernacular.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings "A Natural Woman"

Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt be any more perfect? He can act, sing, and dance. …


The Wednesday Trailer Park

The trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan premiered yesterday, and it is all kinds of crazy! The thriller stars …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

TIFF Gets A Little Bit Gayer

By Nick Stergiopoulos

Need To Know: Louise Roe

If you swear you've seen Louise Roe before, you're not crazy.

By Noah Michelson


'Alfie raked fingernails gently across one of his nipples, his other hand pushing aside John's neckcloth so that he …

By Cintra Wilson

Catching Up With Anne Rice

When Anne Rice gets on the phone she is so soft-spoken, you wonder if she really is the author who has sold more than …

By Dustin Fitzharris

Sookie, Eric, and Bill Bloody Up Rolling Stone

Just when you thought True Blood couldn't get any more …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

Spoofs 'R Us

The Social Network, David Fincher's new movie about the founders of Facebook, is set to open the New York Film …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

Slant Magazine Dissects Todd Haynes

Photo: Getty Images …

By Nick Stergiopoulos

Need To Know: The Young Veins

The Young Veins was formed last summer after Ryan Ross and Jon Walker defected from Panic at the Disco. The band wasted …

By Noah Michelson

30 First (Gay) Dates

By Justin McCraw

In the Kitchen: Small Plates, Big World

In 1972, when Simone Ortega published 1080 Recetas de Cocina (or 1080 Recipes), little was known about Spanish cuisine …

By Joshua David Stein

Happy Birthday Madge!

Madonna may be turning 52 today, but apparently her face and body didn't get the memo. In honor of the Queen of Pop's …

By Noah Michelson

The Gayer Side of the Ren Faire

All photos: Chadwick Moore …

By Noah Michelson

Gaga's Mysterious Third Album is "Utter Liberation"

Photo: Getty Images …

By Nick Stergiopoulos