Catey Shaw talks coming out, finding herself & the Brooklyn spirit

The ‘Brooklyn Girls’ singer talks coming out, finding herself, and Brooklyn spirit.

America's Queer Community Sits For A Portrait

If anyone's still clinging to hateful gay stereotypes, their time's almost up. Photographer Molly Landreth and …

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Need To Know: Ellie Goulding

Though it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of music Ellie Goulding is making -- it thrives in that foggy, …

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It Gets Better: The Musical

By Phillip Crook

The Gays Are Looking For Love On OkCupid

Wouldn't love be easier if a blond, barely-clad hunk came along and shot you with a heart-tipped arrow? …

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Need To Know: Local Natives

This October -- in the self-proclaimed "liberal-pocket" of Texas -- Austin held its annual City Limits …

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Win Cher: The Film Collection on DVD

Are you excited as we are that Cher is finally returning to theaters this Thanksgiving in Burlesque? …

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Out in the Round at Stonewall Inn

Three songwriters and a comedian walk into a bar....sounds like the start of a dirty joke, right? …

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Andrew Shirvell Makes a Fool Out of Himself on The Daily Show

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c …

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Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

Today is election day and there are a million and one reasons why you need to get your beautiful asses in a voting …

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Catching Up With Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is headed into uncharted territory. The release of her latest album, Cho Dependent, marks the …

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Catching Up With: Steven Reineke

If Glee ever salutes Sweden’s most famous musical export, you already know what it will look like: gold lamé-clad …

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Chris Colfer's Halloween Costume Revealed

The adorable actor dressed as the city of Los Angeles for Halloween this year. Inspired!  …

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Catching Up With Felice Picano

Felice Picano's worshipers know him as a prolific author, poet, and memoirist who helped shape the gay lit genre in …

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