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‘Funny or Die’ has redubbed the trailer for Brad Pitt’s latest blockbuster for a post-DOMA world

1:03 PM

With a recent spike in gay bashings, New York City offers free classes for the LGBTQ community

12:34 PM

Martin Duberman, the author of 'Stonewall,' recounts the events of that day and significance of that one unifying night

12:31 PM

It seems that the pride parade marches down Sesame Street

12:06 PM

Known as the 'Piano Prince of New Orleans,' Crawford has released his first album in 14 years. We have an exclusive video of him performing live.

11:27 AM

'Small Town Security' Lieutenant finally has breasts removed, but he won't be burning his bindings anytime soon.

10:34 AM

After watching Pedro Almodóvar's airplane farce 'I'm So Excited,' check out these classics

10:22 AM

Get soaked with Almodóvar's 'I'm So Excited!'

10:18 AM

Singer debuted her new single at popular weekly gay party.

9:24 AM

The living legend talks DOMA, Pride, equality, Amanda Bynes, and 'Woman's World'

7:37 AM