The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

The Gayest Robots

Why do robots always talk in such "gay" voices? Is the future gay? Is it meant to be a slur? Are all robots gay? Take …

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'Mad Men' Withdrawal? Watch 'The Hour'

   Dominic West, Ben Whishaw and Romola Garai in "The Hour." Courtesy of BBC …

By Jerry Portwood

"Go F*ck Yourself" with Dave Franco

James Franco's little brother is a sexy guy. And funny. And a guy who isn't scared to add a little homo action …

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Our Favorite Performances from the 2011 MTV VMA's

Photo: MTV/Getty Images …


Gayest Comic Book Heroes

15 of the gayest comic book superheroes (and five others who might as well be)

By Flash Steinbeiser

Frame by Frame: Matt Zarley's "WTF"

Out copy editor Mike Berlin watches the new music video for Matt Zarley's "WTF" and gives his take on what …

By Mike Berlin

Quickies: Thursday, August 25 2011

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By Noah Michelson

Presenting: Dragneto


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Quickies: Wednesday, August 24

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First Look: Watch Trailer for Andrew Haigh’s Film 'Weekend'

Weekend photo still by Quinnford & Scout …

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First Listen: George Michael's "Where I Hope You Are"

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Quickies: Tuesday, August 23 2011

> Lady Gaga will appear on The Simpsons. …

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Tom Cullen: Love at First One-Night Stand

"They're too busy on Grindr showing off their arses," quips a character in Andrew Haigh's strikingly …

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