Marvel Gives Us a First Look at Lady Thor

...And five other things you should know today.

RECAP: American Horror Story

After the twins have been dispensed with, we meet Vivien in her East Coast home, where she hears a prowler. After …

By Mark Peikert

Quickies: Thursday 10/6

Photo courtesy ESPN magazine …

By Raef Harrison

'The Playboy Club' creator regrets not taking the canceled show to Bravo

    The creator of The Playboy Club, which was axed by NBC yesterday, has told Out magazine that he …

By Raef Harrison

Steve Jobs Has Died

By Raef Harrison

Gay Besties: A Cinematic History

By Raef Harrison

Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays

 Theatres across the country are joining forces to raise support and money for the gay marriage movement. On …

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Gay Besties

Director Abe Sylvia's debut film, Dirty Girl centers on high-school floozy Danielle and her unlikely friendship with …

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Adele Forced to Cancel US Tour

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So Long Playboy Club/Potentially Interesting Gay Subplot

Most of the networks' new fall shows have had their premieres, with the usual hits and misses. And while fall …

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Former Club King Peter Gatien Talks 'Limelight,' Michael Alig

 You don't have to look far for mementos of Peter Gatien's heyday. His club Limelight, which was once a …

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Quickies: Tuesday 10/4

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Julius With a Twist: Basil Twist Performs During Mattachine Night

Basil Twist performing at Mattachine party at Julius / Photo by Gerry Visco …

By Jerry Portwood

Thomas Jane Was A Hustler, Babe

 Art apparently imitates life over on the set of Hung, season 3 of which premeired last night on HBO. Thomas Jane …

By Raef Harrison

Getting Picky: NYFF 2011's Miss Bala

Out reports from the 2011 New York Film Festival on the forthcoming indie films you won’t want to miss. …

By Mike Berlin