Magic Mike Sequel Begins Production in Myrtle Beach

If you're in Myrtle Beach, try to catch a glimpse of Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, or Joe Manganiello in the flesh

HIV Anti-Stigma Activists Respond to Vine Star Nash Grier’s Homophobic Video

The most followed Vine user implied that HIV was exclusively an LGBT issue

By Dennis Hinzmann

Meet the Velvet Gloves

Ready for a 'luxury boxing experience' tailored to the cultural sensibilities of an urban gay male?

By Editors

Hand in Glove

In the ring with the velveteers, the heavy hitters of New York’s first all-gay boxing class.

By Chadwick Moore

Megan Rapinoe Strips Down for ESPN's Annual Body Issue

The soccer player is the first openly gay athlete in the issue and joined by several studs including Michael Phelps and …

By Stacy Lambe

10 Qs: Lance Bass Is Focused on Dating and Marriage

The entertainer answers Out’s 10 most burning questions

By Stacy Lambe

Foxes: A Reintroduction

With ‘Clarity’ behind her, Foxes pushes pop into new territory with Glorious, her first full-length LP …

By Alex Panisch

Adam Lambert Channels Freddie Mercury on Tour

... And 5 other things you need to know today.

By Dennis Hinzmann

Meet the Drag Beauties of Pageant

Boys will be girls in an Off-Broadway musical comedy about beauty pageant contestants. Icon Type:  …

By Brandon Voss

Neil Patrick Harris Makes Us Squirm in Gone Girl

In case you ever wanted to know what the Anti-Barney Stinson would be like

By Alex Panisch

TV Producer Neal Baer Writes a New Story

“Being authentic isn’t easy, especially when you’ve tap-danced your way through life avoiding who you really are.” …

By Dennis Hinzmann

Drag Divas

These queens serve up their best Cher, Liza, Madonna and Marilyn

By Stacy Lambe

Meredith Baxter Takes on Hollywood

The actress discusses why we don't see more elderly gay people on TV

By Stacy Lambe

The Death of the Broadway Showtune:Why, Oh Why, Oh?

Plus: What does George Takei think about the return of Miss Saigon and The King and I to Broadway? …

By Michael Musto

My Pride: Jose Llana

Actor Jose Llana opens up on playing masculine roles on stage, the changing face of Pride, and the irony of playing the …

By Aaron Hicklin

Director Bryan Singer Leaks First Peek at X-Men: Apocalypse

Director Bryan Singer has started the sequel’s buzz by leaking a page of the upcoming movie’s treatment.

By Out Contributor