WATCH: Go Behind The Scenes Of Hedwig And The Angry Inch With NPH

The cast and crew of Hedwig talk transformation, wigs, and dropping 20 pounds.

Devonté Hynes

'It's still in the music I make, that feeling of being free in a city—liberated.'

By Editors

Judy Garland's Children to Honor Late Mother at the Academy Awards

Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, and Joey Luft will join together to celebrate 75 years of The Wizard Of Oz

By Connor Durkin

Celebrating Carnival in New York

Four distinct companies paint a picture of Brazil’s diversity over three weeks, through urban hip-hop, capoeira, modern …

By Brian Schaefer

Portlandia, Population One

Is the absurd, elite cartoon land really so different from our own? Carrie Brownstein lets us in.

By Jason Lamphier

Pharrell's Hat Up For Auction, Current Bid At Over $14K

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

By Alex Panisch

Born Naked: RuPaul's New Album Will Make You Werk!

Warning: This album induces gagging, hunties.

By Justin Miller

Alec Baldwin’s Self-Serving Good-Bye Letter Backfires

Everyone’s to blame—including Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, GLAAD—but not Alec Baldwin

By Alex Panisch

 LISTEN: Le1f Goes “Boom”

The New York-based rapper has also singed a multi-album deal with XL

By Alex Panisch

A Gay CalArts Teacher Who Shaped a Generation of Animators Also Inspired The Flintstones' Great Gazoo

CalArts design prof Bill Moore helped influence the talents of Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Brad Bird & others

By Jerry Portwood

Looking GIF-cap: The B-Word

Dom turns 40 and Patrick drops the b-word

By Stacy Lambe

Jason Collins Signs With Brooklyn Nets, Becomes First Out NBA Player

Collins is officially the first out NBA player

By Stacy Lambe

Drag Race Star Bianca Del Rio: 'It's Not Necessarily True That I Won'

Plus: How Michael Musto got Stritch marks

By Michael Musto

Dominic Cooper Accidentally Exposed Himself At A Café

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

By Alex Panisch

Britney Spears Messes Up Lip-Syncing During Vegas Show

Should she heed her own advice and work bitch?

By Jesse Steinbach

Why Brian Boitano Would Do It All Over Again

As the Sochi Winter Olympics begin to wind down, the figure skating gold medal winner reflects on how things have …

By Jerry Portwood

Michelle Obama Hangs Out With Drag-Clad Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell

Michelle Obama doing comedy: not ew!

By Alex Panisch