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tim gunn

'Making the Cut's Tim Gunn on Fashion’s 'State of Anarchy'

The pandemic threw the sartorial rulebook out the window, says the style guru. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Tim Gunn 'Conflicted' About Trans Models

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn says he's 'conflicted' about the inclusion of transgender models in fashion campaigns, citing bone structure.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Equality Wrapped in a Bow

The actor and advocate talks about dressing up the fight for marriage equality with his nonprofit organization Tie The Knot and working with style icon Tim Gunn.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Tim Gunn Tie the Knot for a Good Cause

The celebrity duo will reign in the V-Day weekend with Tie the Knot celebrations.

ACLU Launches My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding With Tim Gunn Cartoon

Same-sex couples can enter this contest to win the wedding of their dreams—even if it's not legal in their home state

Tim Gunn Talks About Coming Out

'I knew who I wasn't, but I didn't know who I was,' Gunn explains.