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fellow travelers

Out's Most Eligible Bachelors 2024: Noah J. Ricketts

Out editors pen love letters to Hollywood's queer men who are changing the world with beauty, brains, and heart.

Jonathan Bailey joins 'Heartstopper' as the celebrity crush of our dreams

The Bridgerton and Fellow Travelers star is officially joining the Heartstopper series on Netflix!

Is 'bottom-shaming' why 'Fellow Travelers' star Jonathan Bailey got snubbed at another award show?!?

The gays are wondering if Bailey’s co-star Matt Bomer’s performance is getting “top privilege” during this awards season.

Here are 13 out actors we'd cast in a new, all-gay '300' movie

Out actor Jonathan Bailey is dying to star in the film alongside all queer actors and are here for it!

Jonathan Bailey's Grandma Had the Coolest Reaction to His 'Fellow Travelers' Sex Scenes

And she had some thoughts about Bridgerton, too.

Jonathan Bailey Spills the Tea on the Gay Group Photo That Nearly Broke The Internet

How did the impossibly hot Jonathan Bailey, Matt Bomer, Paul Mescal, and Andrew Scott all end up in ONE photo together?

Drew Barrymore Got to Make Out With Matt Bomer & We're Jealous AF

"I never meet a straight man I'm attracted to, I only am attracted to gay men. What's wrong with me?" Barrymore asks on her talk show.

Matt Bomer Shared a 1-Bedroom Apartment With Lee Pace & We're Jealous AF

The Fellow Travelers star revealed this very important information about how long he’s known the Foundation heartthrob.

​Matt Bomer's Role In 'Fellow Travelers' Was Possible Because He Turned Down Barbie

The actor was able to play gay characters in two prestige projects after saying no to playing one of the Kens.

The 'Fellow Travelers' Stars Are Sharing Adorable Behind-the-Scenes Pics

Now that the SAG strike of 2023 is over, the Fellow Travelers actors are sharing lots of cute behind-the-scenes pictures on social media!

'Fellow Travelers' Trailer Builds Up Political Intrigue & Gay Intimacy

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey embark in a forbidden love story on Showtime’s Fellow Travelers.

LGBTQ+ People Know the Undertow of Technology

Out's new cover stars from Fellow Travelers remind us how, historically and today, tech has been used to connect — and detect.

Jonathan Bailey Talks Sexual Chemistry With 'Fellow Travelers' Co-Star Matt Bomer

“You can’t tell the queer love story and not show how the sex is so intrinsic,” the actor tells Out.

From McCarthy to AIDS, 'Fellow Travelers' Shows a Familiar Queer Fight

On the upcoming Showtime limited series, Out cover stars Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey, Jelani Alladin, and Noah J. Ricketts formed found family while portraying decades of queer life.

22 Steamy Pics of 'Fellow Travelers' Lovers Jonathan Bailey & Matt Bomer

We’re very excited about Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer playing lovers on Showtime’s Fellow Travelers.