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'Twisters' is a heart-pounding thrill ride held back by its flaws—but how gay is it?

Universal Pictures' new thriller lives up to the action hype but falls short on characters.

'Longlegs' is ghoulish, gritty, great—but how gay is it?

Nicholas Cage and Maika Monroe face off in this serial killer classic.

Colman Domingo, formerly incarcerated actors soar in 'Sing Sing'—but how gay is it?

The new A24 drama is one of the best acted movies of the year so far.

Can 'The Boyfriend' lead a revolution for same-sex relationships in Asia?

It may seem like an overly dramatic task to charge something like this with, but Netflix's new gay reality dating show just might be the perfect vehicle!

'MaXXXine' puts the psycho in psychosexual—but how gay is it?

How gay is Mia Goth's MaXXXine, the final movie in Ti West's X franchise? Out film critic Dana Han-Klein breaks it down!

'A Quiet Place: Day One' is a return to form—but how gay is it?

How gay is the third installment of the popular A Quiet Place film series? Out film critic Dana Han-Klein finds out!

Lily Gladstone goes for Oscar gold in 'Fancy Dance'—but how gay is it?

Fresh off delivering an Oscar-worthy performance in Killers of the Flower Moon, Gladstone is knocking on the Academy’s door once again.

'The Bikeriders' tries its best to rev your engines—but how gay is it?

How many eggplants do Austin Butler (and his arms) get in Focus Features' latest drama?

'Inside Out 2' leaves us in a tangle of emotions—but how gay is it?

How many eggplants does the latest Disney/Pixar film get on Out's state-of-the-art Eggplant Rating System?

'Furiosa' masterfully expands upon 'Mad Max' lore–but how gay is it?

George Miller's prequel to Fury Road is the best action film in years.

'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' is a worthy successor to Caesar—but how gay is it?

The latest Apes installment is the best in the modern franchise.

Here's why Netflix's 'Baby Reindeer' is our new twisted queer obsession

The new dark comedy features nuanced bisexual and transgender characters.

'The People's Joker' will make you rethink everything you know about superhero movies

A year and a half after its festival premiere, the must-see trans parody film is finally in theaters.

'Challengers' sets a new bar for sexy sports movies—but how gay is it?

The movie gets five out of five eggplants from Out!

'Cowboy Carter' takes us back to reclaim Beyoncé's roots (REVIEW)

Track-by-track, Out dives into genre-bending superstar Beyoncé's latest LP, Cowboy Carter.

'Eternal Sunshine' is Ariana Grande unapologetically in her villain era—and at her very best

"I'll play the villain if you need me to," the pop superstar sings on the track "true story" from her highly-anticipated seventh studio album.

Julio Torres' debut film 'Problemista' breathes new life into the American dream

Torres shines as writer/director/star in this off-beat comedy.

Sundance 2024: Aubrey Plaza wins in quirky coming-of-age comedy 'My Old Ass'

However, the film's exploration of bisexuality falls a little bit flat.

Here are my favorite queer movies I saw at Sundance 2024

These queer movies made an impression on me at the Sundance Film Festival.