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'Monica' Review: Trace Lysette Soars as Powerful Family Drama's Muse

Lysette's name should be in awards conversations and on every casting director's list after this beautiful film.

'Mae Martin: Sap' Delivers Belly Laughs & Enthusiastic Optimism

Martin also directly addresses transphobic comedians in the new Netflix special.

'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' Is a Hilarious Fantasy Epic

It's about time a truly great Dungeons & Dragons movie was made!

'Lonesome' Is a Chaotic, Horny Mess of a Film (With a Fisting Scene)

Here's what you need to know about the new LGBTQ+ drama film.

'The Last of Us' Bill & Frank Episode Is One of This Decade's Best

"I'm old, I'm satisfied and you were my purpose."

'Velma' Continues to Defy the Haters, Gets Better Every Episode

With all the secrets revealed in the latest episodes, Velma is becoming one of the most fun and exciting weekly watches on TV.

New Little Richard Doc Is an Essential Black Queer History Lesson

Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Billy Porter, and even The Beatles pay tribute to the icon in the Lisa Cortes-directed doc. 

'Velma' Is Much Better Than Haters & Trolls Want You to Believe

It's not just the faith that's bad in criticisms of HBO Max's Velma -- it's the rationality, logic, and basic media literacy.

'M3GAN' Is an Instant Queer Found Family Horror Classic

Come for the campy horror, stay for the queer themes!

'The White Lotus' Season 2 Finale Proves Gays Can Be Scammers Too

A full breadth of LGBTQ+ representation is exciting, and the hit HBO series gave us just that.

'Weird: The Al Yankovic' Story Is the Perfect Film For Outsiders

“Lean into who you are, no matter what anybody else says,” star Evan Rachel Wood says of the movie’s themes.

The Gay 'Interview with the Vampire' TV Series Is a Sexy Must-Watch

The undead immortals have always been sexy, seductive even, so it makes sense that this specific tale about them is the same. 

'Bros' Is Great & Deserves So Much Better Than Low Box Office Numbers

Hitting a ton of the classic romantic-comedy beats, Bros is heartfelt, emotional, and downright hilarious. So why isn't it doing better at the box office? 

Sandman Showed a Queer Character's Death—And It Wasn't a Harmful Trope

Compared to a recent death on HBO's House of the Dragon, the Netflix series is showing audiences a better way to handle the death of an LGBTQ+ character, one Out staffer writes. 

Why Deran's Coming Out Journey on 'Animal Kingdom' Is Unforgettable

You can’t help but love the characters you’re supposed to hate on TNT's badass, adrenaline-inducing TV series Animal Kingdom

Why Hulu's 'The Ignorant Angels' Should Be Your Next Gay Bingewatch

The seductive eight-episode series is about loss, chosen family, and the fluidity of sexuality.

'They/Them' Is a Creative Queer Horror Film That Fails Its Premise

"With a playful name like They/Them, I thought we would get a film that empowers the community and gets to revel in the strength and power that is being queer and trans," Out's Mey Rude writes. "Instead, it’s about being polite."

'A League of Their Own' Is Prestige Lesbian Television At Its Finest

The new Amazon Prime Video series is the lesbian TV show we've been waiting for!

Jordan Peele's Masterful 'Nope' Gives Keke Palmer Her Best Stage Yet

"Keke Palmer, Oscar nominee" is sounding pretty good right about now!

'What We Do in the Shadows' Puts Nandor Under Guillermo's Spell

We're getting closer and closer to the Nandermo storyline of our dreams!