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Rapper NLE Choppa shows love to LGBTQ+ fans, claps back at haters

"When Black men started to have fun, what has programed y'all to say they less of a man...?"

City Girls' JT Gives Love to Trans Women in Video About Song 'No Bars'

The rapper’s latest song includes the line “b*tchеs on my d*ck, pretty like a transgendеr.”

19 Queer & Trans Women Rappers Who Are Slaying the Game

These LGBTQ+ MCs have been giving us the representation, and the bops, we've been yearning for!

'Love & Hip Hop' Star & Rapper DreamDoll Comes Out As Bisexual

The reality TV star and hip-hop artist is an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ family! 

Tyler the Creator Likes Girls But 'Ends Up F**king Their Brother'

The rapper talks to GQ about IGOR, "goob-goobers," and sleeping with men.

This Viral Singer Turns Gospel Into Bops About Fuckboys and Weed

It’s time to meet Durand Bernarr, whose voice is truly a godsend.

WATCH: Daniel Franzese Drops Video for 'Young Santa'

It’s Kristopher Kringle… But Santa is his street name.

The Rebirth of LastO

The gay rapper's debut album poses as re-entry into the game after a four-year hiatus