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rachel maddow

Watch Rachel Maddow Detail Trump's Disastrously Embarrassing Legacy

“He leaves tomorrow at dawn, slinking out before the inauguration of the man who soundly beat him.”

Rachel Maddow Reveals Partner Was Near Death from Pandemic Virus

The MSNBC host has been physically separated from her partner of 21 years, Susan, as she's been nursing her back to health.  

Rachel Maddow Answers to Both Sir & Ma'am

The MSNBC commentator laughed off a live flub. 

Rachel Maddow Plays 'Who Would You Rather?' with U.S. Presidents

The MSNBC anchor also reveals which animal Donald Trump most resembles. 

Power 50: Rachel Maddow

News Anchor/Political Commentator, 43

Kathy Griffin Keeps Anderson Cooper Blushing Until 2016

Whether she's pitting Cooper against Rachel Maddow or pimping him out to Gus Kenworthy, Griffin is unpredictable.

Alec Baldwin’s Self-Serving Good-Bye Letter Backfires

Everyone’s to blame—including Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, GLAAD—but not Alec Baldwin

Pastas for Equality: A Sexy Anti-Barilla Video to Sink Your Teeth Into

...And 5 Other Things You Need to Know Today