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Out100 2018

103 Photos of Billy Porter, Cynthia Nixon, and More at the 2018 OUT100 Gala

Some of the most influential people in the LGBTQ community showed up to celebrate this year's OUT100 honorees.

OUT100: SOPHIE, Artist of the Year

“My music is political, but talking about politics is boring. I’d rather have a more emotional conversation through the music."

OUT100: The Cast of Queer Eye, Entertainers of the Year

“It’s important to us that the heroes we work with reflect the diversity of voices and viewpoints that make this country what it is."

OUT100: Billy Porter, Performance of the Year

“I was so busy trying to fit in, and then it was like, You don’t fit in, and you ain’t supposed to fit in.”

OUT100 2018: Generations

Our vibrant celebration of the most influential LGBTQ people of the year, starring Emma González, Billy Porter, SOPHIE, the cast of Queer Eye, Cynthia Nixon, Jeremy Scott, Hayley Kiyoko, and more.

OUT100: Emma González, Newsmaker of the Year

“Every time you go to a Pride event, it’s a celebration of love, but it’s also a remembrance of everything that started the beginning of being accepted in this society, which doesn’t always want to accept us.”