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OUT100 2017

Experience Progress: Let's Look Back on an Outstanding Journey Forward.

Let’s look back on an outstanding journey forward. In this three-part video series presented by Lexus, OUT Executive Vice President, Joe Landry, moves through the city of Los Angeles—the vibrant and progressive home of the many milestones that have shaped his extraordinary life, career in media, and powerful advocacy in our community.

OUT100: 9 Transgender Veterans Talk Service, Trump & Fighting Back

"My civil rights are not an accommodation. They are an expectation, and my patriotism does not have an asterisks to it."

OUT100 Photographer: Roger Erickson

Meet the man who lensed this year's OUT100 portfolio. 

OUT100 2017 Covers Revealed

Lena Waithe, Jonathan Groff, Chelsea Manning & Shayne Oliver. 

OUT100: Jonathan Groff, Entertainer of the Year

"I think one of the benefits of being out is that you can share your stories, be who you are, and put yourself in the work regardless."

OUT100: Lena Waithe, Artist of the Year

"If I wasn’t a queer black woman, I don’t know if I would have been standing on that stage. I hoped that they could see through me that when you tell your story, when you live your authentic life, only good things will come from it."

OUT100: Shayne Oliver, Stylemaker of the Year

"The idea is that I’m different than you, and you have to respect it. As opposed to, I’m different and I’m also the same as you." 

OUT100: Chelsea Manning, Newsmaker of the Year

"The bathroom bill has turned into a battleground, but trans people didn’t start that battle—it wasn’t an issue until it was turned into one, and it’s a way to undermine our ability to even exist." 

OUT100 2017

Our annual celebration of the most influential LGBTQ people of the year.