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michael j willett

Ellen Reveals Her Halloween Costume

...And five other things you should know today.

MTV Cutie Michael J. Willett Talks Faking It Season 2 and New Music

The G.B.F. star also croons about cakes, and gets steamy with classic sci-fi quotes

G.B.F. Writer on His High School Experience, R-Rating

The screenwriter reveals what real-life experiences influenced the film

What's the Appeal of Having (and Being) a G.B.F.?

WATCH an exclusive clip of the film, starring Michael J Willett

A Shirtless Michael J. Willett Covers Natasha Bedingfield

He takes on "Strip Me"

G.B.F. Star: 'It Will Be A Gay Teen Movie Thanksgiving'

Watch Megan Mullally as an eager-to-please and overprotective mother