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Queer rapper Le1f has a lot to say. With a distinctly NYC-based hip hop sound, the Harlem rapper released his first full length album, Riot Boi, in 2015 following strong reception of his 2012 mixtape Dark York. The mixtape's single "Wut" put Le1f on the hip-hop radar — and was the epicenter of some controversy with fellow hip hop artist Macklemore. In 2013, Le1f accused Macklemore of borrowing the beat from "Wut" in the latter artists' hit "Thrif Shop," which topped the charts that year. Le1f later criticized Macklemore for appropriating the queer struggle with the straight singer's hit single "Same Love," which became a rallying cry for marriage equality. With his self-proclaimed "pro-trans, pro-clean water, Black Lives Matter" debut record, Le1f has no plans to stay quiet.