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Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer is a well known gay American author and playwright, and is also recognized for his involvement in advocating for LGBT rights and public healthcare. Kramer earned an Academy Award nomination for this screenplay Women in Love. Kramer co-founded the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), an organization that helps people living with AIDS. He first started his organization after witnessing the rapid growth of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Larry Kramer was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his play The Destiny of Me.

The mega producer also reveals he paid $1 million for the rights to The Normal Heart and was working on Broadway productions of Kramer's work.

May 28 2020 12:09 PM

The election of a demagogue imperils many homegrown advancements in LGBT rights. It also degrades the global progress when the standard-bearer—America—is shown to be so vulnerable.

December 14 2016 12:14 PM

The message posted on Facebook calls out Steven Roth for backing Trump's "indigestible cauldron of rotten and poisoned ingredients".

August 11 2016 8:02 AM

Also: Larry Kramer: “We dance too much! We don’t fight enough"

July 15 2016 11:43 AM

"While PrEP isn’t for everyone, any individual who thinks they are at risk of getting HIV should have easy access to it, without judgement."

December 08 2015 2:35 PM

Edith Windsor, Gilbert Baker, Evan Wolfson, Andrew Sullivan, Larry Kramer

November 20 2015 11:57 AM