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Whether you use the term homosexual, queer, gay, or LGBTQ, the reality of same-sex attraction has helped shaped the world to be what it is today. Even before the ancient Greeks, same-sex love has been a factor in human society, celebrated or vilified in turn, but most often relegated to the sidelines. Our understanding of what it means to be homosexual has gone through a metamorphosis in recent years, from an aberrant set of sexual practices to an identity one can be proud to claim. Today, the "homosexual" is not the menace he or she was in the beginning of the 20th century. Queer people have proven to be capable politicians, artists, parents, lawyers, doctors, what have you. But no matter how far acceptance has come, there is always more progress to be made. And one thing is clear: Homosexuality is here to stay!

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The Birth of the Word 'Homosexuality'

In the 1860s, Karoly-Maria Kertbeny, a forward-thinking young Hungarian, changed the way society saw gays and lesbians—forever.

Why Gore Vidal Refused to Identify as Gay

'Trying to make categories is very American, very stupid, and very dangerous.' Gore Vidal’s refusal to identify as gay was consistent with a man who worshipped ancient Greece, but was out of step with the times in which he lived.

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