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"Gear, Grub, Guns, and Guys" is the tagline of Gaybros, a Reddit subgroup that has grown from 200 subscribers at the beginning of 2012 to nearly 50,000 in 2016, with more than 3 million pageviews a month. Originally a digital space where gay men into more traditionally masculine interests like sports and the military could chat, Gaybros has evolved into regular meetup groups in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and even London. For obvious reasons, Gaybros and its founder, Alex Deluca, have incurred ire from gay people of all stripes who accuse the group of femmeshaming and even homophobia. What are your thoughts on the controversial subgroup that is growing in numbers? Stay on top of Gaybros -- the Internet conclave of gay rugby players, gamers, and "dude's dudes" -- on Out.

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