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Falling for Angels

Los Angeles is more than palm trees and Hollywood: it is a sprawling, diverse megalopolis whose residents hail from all over the world. Queerness in L.A. is more than just drag queens and Calvin Klein: it's something chameleon-like, something that's as diverse as the people who live it. Falling for Angels recognizes all this and sees in the city of L.A. an opportunity to tell stories of queer people in all their complexity. With every episode tackling a different L.A. neighborhood--and directed by a different queer person of color--this Here TV original show will explore what it means to be LGBT today.

Watch: Episode Six of Falling for Angels: Malibu

Malibu stars Paul Galliano as Scott, Joseph M. Harris as Levi, Amick Viccellio as Zack and Alec Mapa as the Wedding Officiant

Watch: Episode Five of Falling for Angels: Silver Lake

Silver Lake stars Daniel Franzese as Brendon, Johnny Kostrey as Jeffrey, Diego Escobar as Star and Calpernia Addams as Karen

Watch: Episode Four of Falling for Angels: Bel Air

Bel Air stars Jason London as Chase, Kevin Spirtas as Bentley, Christian Olivio as Chad, Amy Gumenick as Sharon and David Millbern as Gregory.

Watch: Episode Three of Falling for Angels: Leimert Park

Leimert Park stars Aaron D. Alexander as Abraham, Blake Young-Fountain as Terick, Doreen Hamilton as Clara and Ruby Lee Dove as Michelle

'Falling for Angels' Explores Asian Men Leaving Gay Racism Behind

Asian men falling in love and discovering themselves — outside of the idealized white stereotype.

Watch: Episode Two of Falling for Angels: Koreatown

Koreatown stars Ty Chen as Kevin, Dale Song as Gino and Jennifer Yun as Lisa

Watch: Episode One of Falling for Angels: Boyle Heights

Boyle Heights stars Steve Grand as Steven, Adrian Nunez as Leo and Luis Lopez as Jesse