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Suhail al-Jameel posted a photo of himself wearing shorts on a beach.

October 14 2019 12:06 PM

Republican Doug Ducey says businesses should be allowed to deny housing, jobs, and services to LGBTQ+ people.

September 24 2019 11:09 AM

Scientists find that it corresponds with negative mental health outcomes.

September 16 2019 11:11 AM

And here's how to contact them.

August 29 2019 10:14 AM

A Minnesota couple claims that making wedding videos for same-sex couples violates their freedom of speech.

August 28 2019 11:41 AM

It could be Masterpiece Cakeshop all over again.

August 26 2019 9:46 AM

La’Ray Reed is among two-dozen more women who are bringing legal complaints against the fast food chain this week.

May 22 2019 10:23 AM