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Soccer's Fa'afafine Superstar

Jayiah Saelua plays soccer for American Samoa’s national men’s squad, but unlike her teammates, she’s as comfortable in pointe shoes as she is in cleats.

Honor and Betrayal

Being gay is no longer a bar to joining the military, but tens of thousands of former service members continue to be tarred by their military records. One woman fights to win back her honor.

The Transgressor: Val Lauren Sizzles as Sal Mineo in James Franco's Sal

Val Lauren sizzles as doomed actor Sal Mineo in James Franco's Sal.

Queen of Swords

Fallon Fox is the world’s first trans MMA fighter. Deal with it.

Murphy's Honor

With groundbreaking shows like 'Glee,' 'The New Normal,' and 'American Horror Story,' Ryan Murphy has turned himself into the mogul of prime time -- without sacrificing his ideals along the way.