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Op-Ed: The Creating Change Protest Was Pure Anti-Semitism

A protest of an Israeli group at the Task Force's Creating Change Conference in Chicago was not the safe place it was promised to be, but dangerous and intimidating and subject to mob rule, writes Michael Lucas. 

Op-Ed: PrEP Works, So Drop the Backlash

A recent study shows 100% resistance to HIV for participants on PrEP. Michael Lucas responds to the most frequently-repeated misinformation, and asks why there is resistance to this game-changing prevention technique.

Op-Ed: The Gay Thought Police Run Amok

It's seemingly unacceptable to hold views that differ from the gay Thought Police, writes Michael Lucas, expecially if it's an opinion on two gay businessmen who hosted a U.S. Senator.

Op-ed: Anti-Semitism in Charges That Israel Trumps LGBT Rights

Michael Lucas charges old-fashioned hatred in claims that American Jews care more about Israel than patriotism or LGBT rights.

Op-Ed Where Is the Outrage for Gays Killed by ISIS

Michael Lucas asks, where are the celebrities, LGBT leaders, and progressive politicians who decried Dolce & Gabbana's slights, yet remain silent over ISIS murders of gay men in the name of Islam?

Op-Ed: Why I Go to Israel

Michael Lucas says you can go to Israel, even during a crisis

Op-Ed: Where Larry Kramer Gets It Wrong on Truvada

Michael Lucas says the legendary playwright and warrior needs to stop an outdated condoms-only prevention campaign.

Op-Ed: The Danger in Calling PrEP a "Party Drug"

Michael Lucas calls on the president of the AHF to be removed from his job for remarks about Truvada

COMMENTARY: Weir Cares for Himself, Not LGBTs

Michael Lucas says Olympian Johnny Weir's anti-boycott stance and wearing a Russian uniform is evidence he's more interested in his own celebrity than in equality

Nikolai Alexeyev: The Kremlin's New Pocket Gay

Michael Lucas, who grew up in Russia, says something very strange has happened to Russian LGBT rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev. And he's seen it happen before.

Op-Ed: Why Are We Not Talking About PrEP?

Michael Lucas comes out as HIV-negative, sexually active man on PReP

Rape Behind Bars

Michael Lucas on Milan Gamiani and the tragedy of prison rape