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Re-Watching Joan Rivers' Last Show With Bianca Del Rio

One of the last episodes for her web series, In Bed With Joan, featured one of this generation's best insult comedians.

WATCH: Colbert Throws Penalty Flag At Hypocrisy Over Michael Sam

The satirical host takes aim at the backlash fired at Michael Sam, the first openly gay man drafted by the NFL

WATCH: Alan Cumming's Worst Audition

The actor tells the Tonight Show audience how an awkward hug with Woody Allen lost him a role

WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris Consoles Strangers With Billy Eichner

No one could possibly be sadder about the cancellation of How I Met Your Mother than Billy Eichner. So why not the rest of the city?

WATCH: Anderson Cooper & Meyers Are Gay Gym Buddies

The two share locker room stories