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Gay Propaganda Brings Russian Love Stories to Light

With 10,000 copies downloaded, a collection of love stories strengthens the LGBT voice in Russia

Louder: Lea Michele Releases Her First Solo Album

As Lea Michele prepares to release Louder, her first solo adventure into pop music, she ponders her lost love

More Shirtless Soccer Stud Robbie Rogers

The openly gay soccer star takes his shirt off (again) for our enjoyment

Soviet Propaganda Revamped To Show LGBT Strength

Rainbow flags turn Soviet men, women, and children into prideful allies

Oscar Winners Name-drop Meryl More Than God

Perhaps the words "Meryl" and "God" should just be considered synonyms

WATCH: Ladies Read Your Sexts

Dirty virtual pickup lines empowered by the spoken word

Need to Know: Vic + Flo Saw A Bear

Vic + Flo Saw A Bear presents the harsh lives of two characters, who just happen to be queer

The Daily Caller Puts Ignorant Spin On Transgender Victory

The conservative website had few kind words regarding the latest victory in transgender rights

10 Qs: Marco Marco On Creating Britney's Costumes For Vegas

The costume designer answers Popnography's 10 burning questions