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Like a Virgin: Drag Star Kim Chi on Her Single-Minded Ambition

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight finalist opens up about sexuality and society.

The Space Between: Native American Two Spirit Culture

Joining the annual gathering of the Two Spirit Society in Montana.

How a London Neighborhood Kept a Legendary Gay Pub from Sinking

“The pub was a place for everyone in the community to come together. Elsewhere, it might have been a problem, but not here in the East End."

Trans in the Military: How the Face of Service is Changing

Few issues are as weighty as trans people serving in this country's armed forces.

OUT100: Javier Muñoz, Breakout of the Year

"If I can be a new face that people see that is HIV-positive and healthy and performing seven shows a week and kicking ass, then let that stand as a positive example."

Lavender Language, The Queer Way to Speak

From Regency England to 1920s Harlem to Miss Piggy, gay vernacular has given voice to homosexual identity and desire in a hostile world. In some parts, it still does. 

The Instahunks: Inside the Swelling Selfie-Industrial Complex

“I know I have body dysmorphia. I always compare myself to other people. I don’t know if this is a winnable thing."

Exclusive: There's An Injectable Estrogen Shortage That's Leaving Trans Women in Crisis

18 months ago, injectable estrogen at the 40 mg dosage—the highest dosage and the most frequently prescribed to trans women—went on shortage and never returned to market.

The Unwavering Importance of Gay Sailing Clubs

All the men here have two things in common: their homosexuality and their deep love for sailing. 

Bloody, But Unbowed: Orlando Victims & Hostages Speak Out

Survivors open up after the deadliest mass shooting in American and LGBT history claimed 49 lives at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

From Teen Heartthrob to Gay Icon, Who is Nick Jonas?

With millions in record sales, two queer TV roles, and a budding solo career, what’s next for the young star? It’s complicated.

Bridal Party Problems: How Bachelorettes Are Ruining Gay Nightlife

If you ask Provincetown denizens, bachelorettes are yanked directly from bad reality TV.

Blood Lines: How Catherine Opie Made Her Mark

Before she shot surfers, Opie's work reveled in bondage and needles.

Kiss and Tell: Scotty Bowers' Scandalous Sex Tales of Gay Hollywood

Not a shred of evidence exists to support Bowers's writings. But does that mean none of it happened?

Will This Iconic Gay Porn Store Close for Good?

Two landmark smut-purveying bookstores slowly rose up under McCarthyism, but now face extinction in the Internet age.

The Transformation of Gay Nightlife Expert Daniel Nardicio

From boundary-bursting outsider to mainstream darling, Daniel Nardicio has evolved like no other.

Love in the Time of Tinder

For one month, Chadwick Moore says yes to every Tinder date.

Can You Teach Sensitivity?

Learning how to be nice to queers is all part of the training at New York’s Police Academy.