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Eleanor Roosevelt Leaves the Closet, Time-Travels in New Web Series

In First Lady Problems, a fed-up feminist is stuck in a rut until time-traveling Eleanor Roosevelt appears in her closet. 

'All American' Unpacks the Cost of Coming Out in the Black Community

Rapper turned actor Bre-Z discusses how her role as a lesbian who's abandoned for her sexuality on All American. 

The Benz-approved guide to Chicago Pride.

The Benz-approved guide to Chicago Pride.

Uplifting Twitter Responses to the Disheartening Cake Shop Ruling

The Supreme Court sided against the LGBT community, but the internet is still in our favor.

Lido Doesn't Want Men at the Front of Her Concerts

Claiming Coachella is supported by white supremacists, the queer Latinx star doesn't care who she offends.