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Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgård on Gay Sex Scenes, His Queer Uncle, and Gaga

Oh, and his newest movie, The Legend of Tarzan, is coming out this Friday. 

Watch: Alexander Skarsgard is Swingin' in Tarzan Trailer

He can save us any day.

Watch: Alexander Skarsgard in The Legend of Tarzan Trailer

The two minutes of footage features Christoph Waltz playing the villainous Captain Leon Rom

Cut Copy Talks Sax, Drugs & Alexander Skarsgard's Six-Pack

On the heels of their psychedelic, house-infused new album, 'Free Your Mind,' the Aussie band’s bassist, Ben Browning, talks sax, drugs, and Alexander Skarsgard’s six-pack

The Hot, Socially Conscious Villains of 'The East'

Alexander Skarsgard strips for your thrills

We Love Sweden

Here, our official round up of some of the coolest things we brought home with us.

Alexander Skarsgård vs. Jonas Åkerlund

The star of 'True Blood' and Lars Von Trier's upcoming 'Melancholia' talks with the filmmaker about the Swedish conquest of Hollywood, national differences in etiquette, and why Swedes get so much sex.