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Alan Turing

Gay Icon Alan Turing's Face Is Now on a New £50 Note in United Kingdom

The honor comes after he was arrested and chemically castrated for his sexuality.

Alan Turing to Appear on England’s £50 Note

Just years after Turing helped defeat the Nazis by breaking their codes during World War II, he was criminalized for being gay. Now Turing is being honored with his own bank note.

New UK Law to Pardon Gay Men Accused of 'Gross Indecency'

Prime Minister Theresa May is pursuing a law named after World War II codebreaker Alan Turing to pardon 49,000 men who were convicted of gross indecency.

Turing's Notebook Sells for Over $1 Million at Auction

The 56-page manuscript contains his complex mathematical and computer science notations

Imitation Game Screenwriter Graham Moore: 'Stay Weird. Stay Different.'

Although he says he's not gay, he has battled depression and honored Alan Turing in his acceptance speech at the Oscars.

Controversy at the HRC Greater NY Gala

The organization geared up to celebrate, while HIV/AIDS activists prepared to protest. 

Benedict Cumberbatch Dedicates Award to Alan Turing

While accepting an award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Benedict Cumberbatch gave a passionate speech about the legacy of gay scientist Alan Turing.

Fifty Shades of Gay

...And five other things you should know today.

Alan Turing's Pardon Opens Door for 50,000 More

Prominent LGBT leaders want apologies and pardons for the 50,000-plus men charged in Britain with criminal homosexuality.

Alan Turing Receives Royal Pardon

The man considered to be the father of modern computer science no longer guilty of 'indecency'

Today In Gay History: Don't Be Gay in England

The most miserable of birthdays to an awful law.

House of Lords Joins Turing Fight

Hero codebreaker may soon be pardoned for having a boyfriend.

EXCLUSIVE: A Music Homage to Gay Icon Alan Turing

UK band Fiction's debut cd features 'The Apple' as a tribute song to the WWII British mathematician and father of computer science

Pet Shop Boys Working on Alan Turing Project

It's the centenary of the gay hero's birth, and he's finally getting much-deserved respect

Gay Computer Geeks Unite!

Jon 'Maddog' Hall comes out on the anniversary of Alan Turing's birthday

DiCaprio Alan Turing Movie Tops 2011 Black List

Persecuted British gay (and possibly Leo) will make for boffo box office

A Brief History of Cures For Homosexuality

A Brief History of Cures For Homosexuality