Faking It Will Explore the Truth In Season 2

Get a look at what's coming up for the show.

Just Looking: Russell Tovey Cast in New Gay HBO Show

The British actor takes on his first major American (and queer) role, alongside Jonathan Groff

By Jesse Steinbach

Danielle Brooks of Orange Is The New Black: 'We Weren't Going To Sugarcoat Things'

She steals the show as Taystee in Netflix's prison drama. Before beginning season 2, Brooks talked about her experience …

By Samantha Henderson

Naomi Obsession: 'The Face UK' Has A 'Trailer'

The supermodel returns to the small screen for the British version of her modeling competition

By Julien Sauvalle

WATCH: Klaine Kiss On Glee Set

SPOILER ALERT: Kurt & Blaine are reunited—and it feels so good!

By Brandon Voss

Tyler Posey's Going Shirtless, But This Time He's Not a Werewolf

He's on 'The Exes' as a (sexy) law student.

By Samantha Henderson

Miss Universe Is Not Going Anywhere

Despite calls to leave Russia, the pageant Trump-owned pageant is staying put

By Matthew Breen

The New Dreamgirl: Alex Newell

On playing Glee’s transgender teen powerhouse.

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

EXCLUSIVE: Bloomers Finale Episode

Photo of Matthew Palazzolo and Sean Hemeon from a previous episode

By Jerry Portwood

6 of TV's Newest Female Friendships—and the Lesbian Continuum

A look at some of the greatest roles being written for TV and the web today

By Chloe Fitzpatrick

Introducing the 'Say Yes to the Dress' Boob-O-Meter

In this week's episode, a lesbian couple decides how much cleavage is too much.

By Samantha Henderson

The Gay Comedy You Never Knew You Wanted

With 'Please Like Me,' Josh Thomas presents the first great comedy about coming out

By Samantha Henderson

So We Think Christina Applegate Can Dance

Though maybe not hip-hop

By Bryan Van Gorder

Drop Dead Diva: A MLB Player May Come Out

The Lifetime episode has already been recognized for telling stories about the LGBT experience

By Brandon Voss

Trashy or Traditional: Say Yes to the Groomsmaid Dress?

In a new episode of 'Say Yes to the Dress,' the popular show features a gay male couple looking for the perfect dresses …

By Samantha Henderson

10 Gayest Moments in 6 Episodes of 'Teen Wolf'

Danny may be our favorite openly gay character on the show, but MTV's shirtless werewolf romp is getting queerer than …

By Samantha Henderson

EXCLUSIVE: Once Dennis Croft, AMC's 'Starr' Discusses Top Surgery

'Small Town Security' Lieutenant finally has breasts removed, but he won't be burning his bindings anytime soon.

By Andrew Belonsky