Lesbian Road Trip Flick 'Happy End' Screening: Seattle & Albuquerque

The German film from director Petra Clever follows two lesbians as they fulfill their friend's last wishes.

WATCH: When Jack Lemmon Played A Gay-Loving Priest

Jack Lemmon and Željko Ivanek worked well together in this 1984 gay movie.

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Finally, GLAAD Makes a Bechdel Test For Gay Visibility

'Studio Responsibility Index' evaluates 101 big studio films from 2012

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Lee Daniels Teaches Oprah To Smoke

And other tales from the set of 'The Butler'

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James Marsden: The Deep End

Under his unspeakably handsome exterior, there lies a drama nerd with a clever plan.

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Kathryn Hahn's Connection to Strippers Who Smell Like Cupcakes

With her role on 'Parks & Rec,' the actress already lived a gay man's dream. Now get ready for 'Afternoon Delight' …

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Waiting for Lohan

The mysterious absence of the film's star at 'The Canyons' premiere in Los Angeles

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Trailer Trash: Naomi Watts is 'Diana'

With the release of the first trailer for the impending Princess of Wales biopic, we check in for knee-jerk critiques …

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National Teen Angst Awareness Month

We rate the current films' most tortured protagonists based on our Carrie White scale of anguish.

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Angels and Demons

How Kevin Zegers, star of the supernatural fantasy 'The Mortal Instruments,' went from turning tricks to falling for a …

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WATCH: 'Hot Guys With Guns' Clip

Michael Trigg featured in this cameo role of the film screening at Outfest

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12 Gay Movies Straight Out of LA

There are definite themes in these 12 different movies about being gay in LA.

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Outfest: Three Foreign Language Films

'Free Fall,' 'Out in the Dark,' and 'In the Name Of' are aching, gripping, sexy stories

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Outfest Review: Test

Chris Mason Johnson's film captures 1985, a time of uncertainty when no one knew how to react to an HIV test

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Catching Up With Desiree Akhavan

On the Brooklyn set of 'The Slope'-inspired feature film

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Outfest: Continental

This documentary about the New York bathhouse proves there was more to it than Bette Midler infamy

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Darren Criss, the Only 'Glee' Kid Who Sleeps

We caught up with the 'Glee' star as he prepares for the premiere of his first feature film, 'Girl Most Likely'

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