5 Hairstyles For Coarse Hair


By Out.com Editors

Check our expert's tips and the best styling products to get the look

Short Twist (John Legend)

"Start with damp hair. Apply some Philip B Rejuvenating Oil ($30, 2fl oz, at PhilipB.com) -- coconut oil or olive oil works too -- and Sachajuan Finishing Cream ($26, 2.5oz, at Sephora): It’s a little heavier than your average cream, which I like. The amount you use depends on the density of your hair: The thicker your hair is, the more product you'll need to use. The two products together will act as a natural detangler. 

"Separate the hair in half sections using a fine-toothed comb to grip the hair at the root. You could use your fingers too, but the comb will give you a neater result. Grab the hair at the root and twist it all the way to the end, creating a coil-like shape. Beware of motion sickness!

"If you can, sit under a hooded dryer for about an hour, or let your hair air dry. Don’t sleep on it right after you styled it. You can leave it as it is, or separate the twists a little bit to create a fuller look."

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