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Out magazine is the expert on television, particularly when it comes to gay actors and series with gay characters. Out brings our readers the latest news about gay TV series that are helping to shape the national conversation on LGBT issues from within the living room. Discover exclusive interviews, video clips, and more related to gay TV shows like Modern Family, Orange Is the New Black, The Fosters, and Faking It. Gay TV is Out’s specialty, and we’ll bring you all the updates on the LGBT shows you love.

The new Starz miniseries Flesh and Bone draws a parallel between dancers and prostitutes. Is it misogyny? Metaphor? Or a cheeky nod to ballet’s carnal past? 

November 25 2015 9:30 AM

Andy Cohen was a passionate child. His passions included Lady Di and Grease.

November 25 2015 8:33 AM

The actor who plays Brad Bottig on ABC's The Middle also says Karen Walker from Will & Grace is his spirit animal.

November 24 2015 2:30 PM

'Our biggest challenge as AIDS activists is that nobody cares anymore. It's apathy.'

November 24 2015 10:00 AM

Photos: FOX

If you can’t wait until January for snippets from Grease LIVE!, you’re in luck. Today FOX released images of Danny (Aaron Tveit), Sandy (Julianne Hough), and Rizzo (Vanessa Hudgens) from their upcoming leap into live musicals.

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November 23 2015 5:23 PM

Naked Justin Theroux, the GIF that keeps on giving.

November 23 2015 5:00 PM

Get ready for more sassy moves from the Southern dance team.

November 23 2015 3:41 PM