Bitches, it's Madonna's Early Christmas Gift

The singer releases six songs early after leaked demos hit the web

Gay Bars to Bachelorettes: Take That Tiara and Shove It!

Fed up with the frattish antics (oh, and, total sociocultural cluelessness) of roving packs of penis-straw wielding, …

By Jessanne Collins

Chatter: Megan Mullally

"I think if you ask the average guy on the street if he was innately bisexual, he'd be like, 'What the fuck …

By Courtney Nichols

In praise of rooftop teenage size queens

From the Kids Do The Damndest Things file: …

By Noah Michelson

The gay marriage debate comes to Vermont -- and high school

First we brought you Portia De Rossi's hilarious apology for marrying Ellen DeGeneres, and now for something a …

By Noah Michelson

Portia De Rossi apologizes for marrying Ellen DeGeneres

We don't know about you, but we sure feel better. …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Meghan McCain

"I believe in gay marriage. I believe in many things socially." …

By Jessanne Collins

Hummer: Rascal Flatts' "Love Who You Love"

Good thing we're still wearing our cowboy hats from's interview with country diva Martina McBride last …

By Jessanne Collins

Lindsay Lohan Fires Back (With Pink Triangle Laserbeams)

Hot on the heels of fresh speculation that Lindsay Lohan is cash-strapped and contractless, comes her reassuring …

By Jessanne Collins

Win a trip to the Oscars of gay porn

By Noah Michelson

Pink Elephants are the New Pink Dolphins

Photo: BBC News …

By Jessanne Collins

Nous Wave

When it comes to Nous Non Plus, there's a fine line between true and faux. Since late 2005 the offbeat sextet have been …

By Jason Lamphier

Music of the Week

Royksopp, Junior

By Lauren Harris

Winner Takes All

Nea Marshall Kudi grew up in the Republic of Cameroon on the West African Coast. He began his show biz career working as …

By Noah Michelson

Five of the Best... Aftershaves

Click here to view our favorite aftershaves. …

By Editors


Photo: Getty Images …

By Jessanne Collins