Philip Hensher shares his favorite reads at Gays the Word in London

Huddled in London bookshop Gay’s the Word, author Philip Hensher shares his favorite out-and-proud reads.

Sex, the Body & Pop Music in Modern Urban Russia

Musicologist Stephen R. Amico discusses Russian popular music and post-Soviet homosexuality

By Kevin Clarke

Photos from Ryan McGinley: You and I

The good news is that Ryan McGinley's You and I has been reprinted. That's it. There is no bad news.

By Christopher Harrity

One Way: Peter Marino

The architect has selected rarely seen images from Tom of Finland’s own archive for a Document Journal exclusive …

By Drew Sawyer for Document Journal

Peter Marino's Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland’s iconic imagess of leathermen have provided inspiration for Peter Marino

By Jerry Portwood

Understanding Derek Jarman's Lost Super 8 Films

The pioneering gay filmmaker's early films reveals why the moving image became a serious art form for future …

By Jerry Portwood

Derek Jarman: Super 8

The LUMA Foundation shares rare prints from the gay filmmaker's early works that have, thankfully, been conserved at …

By Jerry Portwood

Brontez Purnell On the Joys of Writing About Sex

With The Cruising Diaries, the creative artist finds the humanity in tricking

By Kenyon Farrow

Artist Eric Rhein

A selection of work from East Village-based artist, some of which will appear in The Course Of My Life at the Johnson …

By James McDonald

Eric Rhein: The Course of My Life

The artist reflects on nearly three decades living and working with HIV/AIDS.

By James McDonald

The Gay Gospel

Justin Luke Zirilli’s self-help book is for gay millennials but has advice everyone should read

By Dennis Hinzmann

Robbie Rogers Showers With Guys—Get Over It

Always charming, the soccer player proves that gay men can be happy, healthy, and funny with his inspirational book, …

By Jerry Portwood

Bikershot: Biker Culture Through Portraits

Photographer Cedric Lefebvre delves into a subculture that balances individualism with a strong tribal affiliation …

By Jerry Portwood

Inside the Leather Jacket

Photographer Cedric Lefebvre explores biker culture through intimate portraits

By Jerry Portwood

Out100 Where Are They Now: Brent Calderwood

The writer and activist discusses the present state of poetry, the need for naughtiness, and unicorns.

By James McDonald

Sam Wagstaff: The Man Who Made Mapplethorpe

And forever changed the art world

By Jerry Portwood

Men of the Outback

Paul Freeman's series of photo books of extraordinarily beautiful men in the Australian Outback has a new edition: …

By Out Contributor