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It seems the popstar's dreams are filled with lions, giraffes, and Scott Eastwood. 

18 min 28 sec ago

The gay icon was a grand marshall at Manchester Pride, and he was having a good time. 

40 min 19 sec ago

Discover how trailblazing gay athlete Andrew Goldstein helped a young player find his own strength, a decade after the former lacrosse player first came out.

1 hour 31 min ago

The 23-year-old British athlete says he's been supported by his teammates and coaches.

1 hour 45 min ago

Government officials cited a 'difficult economic situation,' but organizers of the film festival see further evidence of the country's crackdown on LGBT visibility. 

2 hours 13 min ago

His tour kicks off on September 6 in Pennsylvania.

2 hours 30 min ago

The actor opens up about the gay character he plays on the MTV show and why he loves scuba.

2:00 PM

Why theater this fall will be scary good

1:30 PM

Plus: New Stonewall star, Jonny Beauchamp, isn't a drag.

12:45 PM

The amount of times MTV bleeped Miley during the 32nd Annual Video Music Awards proved that the network clearly stood for ‘Miley’s Totally Vulgar,’ y’all. But this year’s VMAs clearly stood for 'Vocalizing Music’s Acceptance.'

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