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Gilead May Owe $1 Billion For Truvada Claim

Advocates have discovered that the drugmaker never sought exclusivity for manufacturing Truvada.

Gilead Will Donate 200,000 Bottles of Truvada a Year to US Government

This is a result of talks between Gilead and the federal government.

Gilead Will Allow Generic Truvada to Hit US Market Next Year

Though activists are happy, they’re also skeptical of manufacturer Gilead.

The Justice Department Is Looking Into Gilead’s PrEP Profits

Seven senators sent a letter asking the government to look into Gilead’s PrEP profits.

PrEP Is About to Get More Expensive Again

Gilead made $3 billion off Truvada in 2018, and it's raising the price again.

Long-Lasting, Injectable PrEP Is Coming Soon, Scientists Say

Eventually, you may only have to take it once every six months.

Op-Ed: On World AIDS Day, Don’t Disparage Condomless Sex and Bodily Pleasure

The hyper focus on condoms can run the risk of ignoring an important personal and public health conversation: many people don’t use condoms because they want to feel more pleasure.

Second Man on PrEP is Infected with HIV

The gay man, who had been taking the drug daily since January, encountered a drug-resistant strain of the illness.

There's Now an App That Delivers PrEP

Nurx makes getting on the HIV prevention medication as easy as "ordering pizza." 

Doctor Responds to PrEP User Tested Positive for HIV

Despite taking Truvada, a man was tested positive for HIV. What does it mean for PrEP and its effectiveness?

Canada Becomes 3rd Country To Approve PrEP

Cananda becomes the third nation in the world to approve PrEP as a treatment plan against HIV. 

Gay Man on PrEP Tests Positive for HIV

This is the first documented case of someone contracting HIV while regularly taking Truvada. 

UK Men Resort to ‘Clinic-Hopping’ to Get PrEPped

Gay Brits are finding alternative means to obtain their one-a-day HIV prevention pill.

Sherry Vine Parodies ‘True Colors’ with ‘TRUVADA’

A little education and a lot of innuendo. 

Watch: New PrEP Campaign Targeted at Men Who Like to 'Party'

The message is meant for men who may be at greater risk of contracting HIV due to sexual and recreational drug behaviors.

Op-Ed: PrEP Works, So Drop the Backlash

A recent study shows 100% resistance to HIV for participants on PrEP. Michael Lucas responds to the most frequently-repeated misinformation, and asks why there is resistance to this game-changing prevention technique.

Sex, Shame, and the (False?) Promise of Truvada

In a new three-part video series, VICE weighs the pros and cons of the little blue pill, but it sometimes feels more like a commercial than a critical investigation, leaving many questions unanswered.

New PrEP Study Reinforces Drug's High Effectiveness

Two new studies, one from Britain and one from France, reinforce optimistic view that PrEP is a gamechanger.

Op-Ed: Where Larry Kramer Gets It Wrong on Truvada

Michael Lucas says the legendary playwright and warrior needs to stop an outdated condoms-only prevention campaign.