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the amazing race

Meet Ricky & Cesar, 'Amazing Race 36's loveable gay underdog couple

The pair talks to Out about their time competing on The Amazing Race season 36.

Yvonne & Melissa weren't 'U-Haul lesbians' before 'Amazing Race 36'

The Amazing Race season 36 stars Yvonne and Melissa tell Out that they were “not at all the stereotypical U-Haul [couple]. And that’s going to be something that we talk about on the show.”

Joe & Ian Talk Meeting, Getting Engaged & Competing Together on 'The Amazing Race'

The gay couple of The Amazing Race season 35 tells Out how they really met each other, the story behind their engagement, and what their strategies were for competing on the show.

Meet 'The Amazing Race's New Cute Gay Couple Joe & Ian

Joe Moskowitz and Ian Todd will be competing on The Amazing Race season 35.