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These are the celebs who came out in 2024 (so far)

Congratulations to these celebs for living their best, most authentic lives this year!

'Bridgerton' star Jessica Madsen comes out: 'I'm in love with a woman'

A very happy Pride Month to the actress who plays Cressida Cowper on Netflix's Bridgerton!

Jonathan Bailey joins 'Heartstopper' as the celebrity crush of our dreams

The Bridgerton and Fellow Travelers star is officially joining the Heartstopper series on Netflix!

Jonathan Bailey's Grandma Had the Coolest Reaction to His 'Fellow Travelers' Sex Scenes

And she had some thoughts about Bridgerton, too.

Drew Barrymore Got to Make Out With Matt Bomer & We're Jealous AF

"I never meet a straight man I'm attracted to, I only am attracted to gay men. What's wrong with me?" Barrymore asks on her talk show.

'Queen Charlotte' Stars Talk Representation & Diversity in the World of 'Bridgerton'

Out got the chance to speak with Queen Charlotte's Golda Rosheuvel and Corey Mylchreest at the series' Los Angeles premiere.

'Queen Charlotte' Cast Opens Up About Expanding the 'Bridgerton' Universe

Out chats with the cast of Netflix's new spin-off series about making the already diverse Bridgerton universe bigger and better.

'Bridgerton' Finally Has Some Gays — And They're Having Lots of Sex

The Queen Charlotte spinoff has introduced a pair of very horny gay characters to the Bridgerton franchise.