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Olly Alexander

9 Sexy & Queer Superheroes We'd Love To See Olly Alexander Play

The It's a Sin star said he wants his next role to be an "erotic superhero," so we've got some ideas!

Olly Alexander Wants to Play a 'Messed Up' Gay Superhero

Marvel, DC Universe, get on it!

Olly Alexander to Continue Years & Years Band As Solo Project

And there's new music out this spring.

HBO Max's It's a Sin Is the Heady, Gut-Wrenching Show You Need to See

Queer as Folk’s creator is back with a series about youth, hope, and belonging against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis in London.

Olly Alexander Says 'Self-Loathing' Led to Self-Harm, Eating Disorder

The It's a Sin lead opened up about his earlier years in a new interview.

Watch Olly Alexander Bottom and Deny AIDS in 'It's a Sin' Clip

The show Is being called the first television series in the U.K. to center HIV.

Olly Alexander to Examine Queer Mental Health in New BBC Doc

The Years and Years frontman will reflect on his own experience with depression and anxiety. 

Olly Alexander Was ‘Desperate for Education’ About Queer Sexuality as a Student

The Years & Years frontman spoke at a Student Pride panel about the need for queer sex ed in schools.

Olly Alexander Shines in Years and Years' ‘Meteorite’

The out singer twinkles and twirls in the video for the band’s latest single.

Years & Years Debuts Song For New Bridget Jones Film

Listen to a snippet of Years & Years newest song for the upcoming film Bridget Jones's Baby.

Olly Alexander Literally Gets Wet Talking About Gay Sex Education

The Years & Years singer took a bath with sex columnist Paris Lees to discuss attraction and how young gay men have to learn about their sexuality.

Years & Years Releases Video for ‘Worship’

Olly Alexander gives an intense performance in this gritty video.

Olly Alexander Gives Inspiring Advice: 'Shove a Rainbow in Fear's Face'

Years & Years frontman spoke at the Glastonbury Festival this weekend. 

Best-Dressed Man of the Week: Olly Alexander

Olly can't go wrong in Gucci

Rape Jokes Forced Olly Alexander to Avoid Social Media

The singer is regularly trolled by hateful and homophobic social media users.

Olly Alexander: Pop Music Has Gone ‘Back to the Closet’

“I feel like there’s a level of ‘gay-ness’ that people will accept,” the Years & Years frontman told Gay Times.

Olly Alexander Reveals His Daddy Crush

The singer also talks about being openly gay in the music industry, and his ongoing treatment for anxiety and depression.