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Harvey Fierstein

Harvey Fierstein Says He's Still Unsure of His Gender Identity

The entertainment legend discusses his identity and career in his new memoir, I Was Better Last Night.

New Hairspray Live! Promo is Truly Divine

The live musical premieres December 7 on NBC.

Why We Still Need Queer Sanctuaries

The message at the core of Harvey Fierstein's Casa Valentina—the need for safety and acceptance in protected communities—still matters

Straight Dads Do Drag for Harvey Fierstein

Heterosexual men dress as women in new production photos from a Broadway play based on actual events in the 1960s.

WATCH: Inside Harvey Fierstein's Casa Valentina

Straight men head for the hills to dress as women in a new Broadway play based on actual events.

Bette Midler to Play Mae West

An HBO biopic will tell the story of the Broadway and Hollywood legend

Kinky Boots: Thanksgiving Holiday Was Special

The stars shopped at Macy's after conservative groups criticized their Parade performance