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Gay Quotes

Since Oscar Wilde wowed the world with his wit and repartee, LGBT identity and quotes have always gone hand-in-hand. There is something about the acerbic wit of LGBT people that sets them us up to be quoted. But it doesn't stop there! Whether dripping from the mouth of an old-Hollywood diva, pronounced by a LGBT-friendly politician, or stated matter-of-factly by a scientist or sociologist, there are 1 hundred types of gay quotes out there -- enough to tickle, inspire, and make you smile. Come to to see what LGBT people have to say!

Quote of the Day: Kurt Cobain Thought He Was Gay

PBS has unearthed an interview with the Nirvana front man in which he opened up about questioning his sexual identity in high school

Quote of the Day: Joan Rivers on Gay Men and Fashion

The comedienne has a theory as to why you won't find any gays at Occupy Wall Street.