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Gay Of Thrones

How do you make a masterpiece like Game of Thrones even better? Get two gay guys to kiki about it! From a hairstylist's chair comes the most cutting commentary you'll ever hear about George R.R. Martin's brainchild. Created by Erin Gibson, Gay of Thrones debuted in 2013 and features Jonathan Van Ness as himself, hitting on all the major plot points and not pulling any punches. Half fever dream of pop-culture references, half high-paced repartee, Gay of Thrones is invaluable for any queer viewer of Game of Thrones. And even for those who don't watch the show, Van Ness's hair is reason enough to tune in!

Gay of Thrones: Season 5, Ep 5: Fleek The Boy

Jonathan brings Tess Munster up to speed on this past week's Game of Thrones.

Catching up with Gay of Thrones Star Jonathan Van Ness

The host of the popular web series dishes