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Fall Preview 2016

Trevante Rhodes Shines in Moonlight, This Fall's Essential Queer Black Film

"Being a black homosexual is the bottom for certain people. That's why I'm so excited for people to see Moonlight." 

Why Falsettos' Return to Broadway Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Nearly 25 years after its groundbreaking premiere, Broadway's Falsettos returns, with Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells starring as loving companions grappling with the AIDS crisis.

Against Me! Singer Laura Jane Grace on Gender, Anarchy, & Selling Out

"Do people perceive my voice as male, or female, or androgynous, and does that influence how they’re perceiving what I’m singing about?"

How Rachel Bloom's Musical Comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Became a TV Obsession

"I really like to play with the tension of the fact that we're animals who also have to interact in society."

Hour of Reckoning: Tyler Glenn Finds Faith & Song Outside The Church

The Neon Trees frontman has struck out on his own—and abandoned the Mormon Church that condemns him.

Exclusive: Laverne Cox on the Not-So-Politically-Correct Frank-N-Furter

For Laverne Cox, taking on a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show meant taking on her toughest critics.