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Jareth, The Wizard of Odd’s Greatest Movie Role?

Bowie slipped his own artistic leash and avant-garde comfort zones for a movie role that doesn’t go away.

Why Gay Kids Love Star Wars

Why Star Wars was a gay kid's perfect fantasy.

Tales from the Threshold: Gay Bachelor Party -- American Style

Truth, justice and nearly the American way — that was the mantra for our bachelor night. 

Tales from the Threshold: Finding the Right Wedding Venue

Finding the right wedding venue that reflects you as a couple prove to be harder than one thinks

Tales from the Threshold: Save the Date

Learning that the bureacracy of wedding details is a little less romantic

Tales from the Threshold: Precious Findings

After some drama, one wonders: Is it the ring that counts?

Tales From the Threshold: #2 Ringing the Changes

When two men go shopping for a wedding ring—there are no precedents to follow. Which can mean anxiety.

Tales From the Threshold

A new column about what it's like getting engaged—and married. First: An infrequent proposal

Man of Steel (Magnolias)

It was Superman who gave Mark O'Connell his first inkling of abs, thighs—and everything in-between

Pecs and Ass: The Age of Daniel Craig

Why straight men still fear being seen as objects of desire—and Daniel Craig is an inspiration for us all

Catching Disco Bullets

Gay 007 fan Mark O'Connell discovers that memorabilia has its tragic side