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'To Be Able to Blend:' Does 'Realness' Still Belong in Ballroom?

With the rise of openly trans and non-binary participants in ballroom culture, many members argue the realness category has become too exclusive.

Shea Diamond, No Longer In the Rough (Exclusive)

Meet the transgender singer whose voice, passion, and personal story of triumph won’t only make you dance—but also give you hope.

Subverting the Erect Penis: How Trans Artist niv Acosta Challenges Masculinity

"A limp penis is very much one that carries a lot of femininity and is therefore tied to shame and pain."

The Glory Hole: Art Challenging Our Fear of Bodily Fluids & the Penis

The Matter of Absence, an elegantly striking, highly anticipated book of photography by the Berlin-based artist Florian Hetz is a must for your bookshelves—and your fantasies.

Meet Justin Tranter, The Queer Voice Behind Today’s Greatest Pop Hits

Songwriter to the stars Justin Tranter is fabulous, and he’s got the lyrics and the shoes to prove it.