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Nafessa Williams: TV's First Black Lesbian Superhero Is Fighting Hollywood's Representation Problem

“Being a black woman in this country and in this industry, I’ve felt that we’re not seeing ourselves represented,” she says. “And you know, we don’t complain about it. We jump up and say, ‘What do we have to do to change it?’

DeRay Mckesson: The Black Lives Matter Activist Opens Up In New Book

With his new book The Other Side of Freedom, DeRay Mckesson opens up as never before, including about being gay and living in "the quiet."

Playing Gay Asian Roles Forever—Nico Santos Is Perfectly Happy With It

The Crazy Rich Asians and Superstore actor wants to take his characters outside the box. “It’s important for me to play them so that people realize there’s a broad spectrum of us. Not all Asian people are the same. Not all gay people are the same."

Leonardo Nam: The 'Westworld' Star Is Poised for More "Exposure"

He's enjoying his newfound recognition and ready for more exposure (yes, that kind, too): "I've got a beautiful body. Why Not?"

The Beautiful Ugliness of Nico, 1988

Susanna Nicchiarelli offers a raw portrait of the Velvet Underground icon studiously trying to demolish her own persona.

Mena Suvari: The Beard of the Summer

Catch Mena as one of the stars of the new summer show, American Woman.

Queer Classic: 1988—When Kylie Minogue Goes Totally Loco

We're highlighting 50 years of queer music classics this week, as seen in "Songs in the Key of Pride" in the June/July issue. Here, we're bringing it back to 1988 with an album that changed history.

Cody Critcheloe of Ssion Is Back With His Own Bizarro Pop Project

Cody Critcheloe is featured in our 'Sound and Vision' series in the June/July issue, where we're showcasing 12 trailblazing queer musicians shaking up our summer. 

We May See Ofglen's Wife & Child When The Handmaid's Tale Returns

Alexis Bledel talks the new horrors awaiting the show's lesbian resistance fighter. 

Ram Dass Shares Golden Wisdom For LGBTQ Elders in Going Home

The new Netflix doc about the bisexual guru is a meditative look at mortality.

Rise's Straightwashing is a Stunning Letdown For Original Gay Stories

The new series rewrites the real-life, gay teacher at the heart of the story as a straight man and moves the LGBTQ characters to the sidelines.

Every Day is a Body-Hopping, Gender-Defying Love Story

The film tells the story of someone who wakes up in a new body each day.

Dirk Gently Star Samuel Barnett Is Your New Queer Geek Crush

The lead star of BBC America's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency talks sci-fi, playing straight, and defying limits.