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Let's Get Real with UnREAL Star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

"I was lucky enough in my first few jobs to be playing gay characters, but for so many years between, I felt I was just trying to put myself in a mold I just could not fit in."

Exclusive: Robbie Rogers on Locker Room Jokes, Pride, & Baby Berlanti

"It’s more important, now more than ever, for the LGBT community to be public and to be present and show the world who we are."

Matt Bomer Talks Straight Roles, Pride, & The Greatness of Montgomery Clift

"I don’t think anyone who has ever been groundbreaking can ever call themselves that. I don’t think it’s a moniker you can give yourself." 

Actor Jake Weary On Playing a Closeted Character in Animal Kingdom

Weary also clears up once and for all why he left his gay role on As the World Turns.

Coastal Dreams

Coastal Dreams